Cyber Guerrilla - Op Africa Engaged

Operation Africa is an ongoing effort by several activists within anonymous who have begun collaborating. The focus of the operation is a disassembly of corporations and governments that enable and perpetuate corruption on the African continent. This consists of organizations responsible for child abuse/labour as well as internet censorship within the continent and globally. We are fighting alongside other operations such as OpNigeria and AnonymousSA to help free the continent from the plague of exploitation that has been occurring for centuries.

Child Abuse and labour within African nations is rampant. According to ILO, some of the most shocking statistics are only growing as the years go by.

Stats: [1]
> 48 million children in the workforce in Sub-Saharan Africa; 13.4 million in North Africa and the Middle East
> 41% of children on the continent work — highest in the world
> 30% of African children between 10 and 14 are agricultural workers
> Estimated 400,000 child workers in Rwanda, 120,000 in the ‘worst forms of child labour’
> 40% of child prostitutes in Rwanda had lost both of their parents, 94% lived in extreme poverty and 41% had never been to school[6]
> 4,600 children are estimated to be working in small-scale mining in Tanzania
1.9 million children aged 5 – 17 in Kenya are working. 3.2% of those have gone to secondary school
> 5 million children estimated to work in Zimbabwe
> In West Africa, 35,000 children are involved in sexual exploitation

The governing bodies of Africa have allowed these atrocities go on making children go without proper education or healthcare, leaving their country in a position for further economic stunting and a lower quality of life for their people. As long as this corruption occurs, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. OpNigeria has done a wonderful job tackling the corruption within their country, and now we shall begin collaborating from around the world for the betterment of the African continent.

Operation Green Rights, run by Anonymous SA, has been tackling many corporations that push GMOs, wholesale processed foods and exploit Africa as well as her people and resources. They are fighting corporate giants such as Dupont, Monsanto, South Africa Pannard Seed and Pioneer. These companies are all guilty of distributing GMOS throughout out the continent without considering the ecological impact, and they must be stopped from further damaging the delicate balance of African biodiversity.

Corruption has been established on the African continent by native and foreign government/corporate entities and has continued for decades. Widespread poverty, disease and famine have long gone ignored. Often these tribulations were perpetuated by those who were supposedly there to help. The United Nations being one of them.They have been involved in countless cases of rape, child abuse and murder in Bosnia, Haiti, the Central African Republic, the Ivory Coast, Somalia as well as many other African nations. In CAR, children who were starving and seeking food were forced to perform sexual favours for UN workers.[2][3][5] They’ve tried to bury many of these horrid incidences from the public eye, with only a small number of them coming to the surface.

Recently (late 2015) they ignored the continuing problem of violence and sexual assaults in South Sudan, though their aid has been called for many times.[4]

Aside from it’s exploitation of underdeveloped countries, the UN is an enemy of the internet and free speech across the globe. In 2012 they tried to establish a global censored and taxed internet. A proposition supported only by the most totalitarian governments.[7] It was shot down, however in 2014 the US government agreed to relinquish control of the internet to the United Nations.[8] The UN has demonstrated it’s thirst for power and control; they have become a direct threat to free thought and free speech. The internet should be without borders and restrictions. We will always fight to protect what we believe in.

What they have not accounted for is their inability to censor an idea, they cannot censor a movement. We have always fought for the rights of the oppressed, and Africa and the strong people who live there are no exception. No longer will we stand by and watch these blatant abuses of power occur. We will continue to fight for their liberties until all of our brothers on the continent are freed from the shackles of corruption and greed. We will not sleep. We will stop at nothing. We are Anonymous. They should have expected us.

First Target List:

Rwanda Government
Uganda Government
South African Government
Zimbabwe Government
Tanzania Government
Sudan and South Sudan Governments
Ethiopia Government


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