Identify, assess and manage fraud risks from all sources

Support fraud risk management initiatives by establishing an anti-fraud culture and promoting fraud awareness throughout the organization

Develop a system of internal controls to address the entity’s fraud risks

Address and respond to any identified instances of fraud


Key Learning Objectives


You Will Learn How To:  


Identify fraud risks and the factors that influence them

Analyze existing risk management frameworks and their application to managing fraud risk 

Develop and implement the necessary components of a successful fraud risk management program 

Identify the elements of a strong ethical corporate culture 

Promote fraud awareness to employees at all levels of the organization 


Course Details

Concept of Fraud

• Definition

• Fraud survey

Understanding Fraud Triangle and other concepts

• Pressure/motivation

• Opportunity

• Rationalisation

Type of Frauds ü Profile of fraudster ü Fraud Red Flags ü Fraud Investigation Process

• Initial response

• Investigation

• Remediation plan

• Reporting

• Applying technology in investigation

 Fraud Risk Management according to COSO IC Fraud Awareness Program

• Fraud risk control environment

• Fraud risk assessment

• Fraud risk controls at process level

• Fraud risk communication

• Fraud risk monitoring plan


Delivery Methods

Public Course

If you only have a few staff who require a particular training course then why not send them on one of our public courses. Our training centres in Beirut (Lebanon), Amman (Jordan), Kuwait (Kuwait), and Doha (Qatar) is the perfect locations. We limit the number of attendees to 12 to ensure an interactive training environment. There’s always a chance to put your questions to a genuine expert, as well as to share experiences with other delegates.

Bring In-House

If you have a number of people who require training, you might find it more economical to have the training at your offices. Our trainers are armed with all the equipment and materials necessary.

All you need to do is supply the room. In addition in-house courses can be tailored to meet the precise needs of your business. Tis could mean tailoring a course for a business unit; combining elements of different elements of different courses to match your exact specifications; or producing a course from scratch.



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