Improving and Affirming the Knowledge and Skills of the CAMS® Community

The Advanced Certification program was developed by ACAMS® to take AML and financial crime professionals beyond the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist®(CAMS®) credential to an elevated level of education and practice.

Those who enter into an advanced certification program achieve the credential through: 

·   Self-study and research 

·   A three-day intensive live program consisting of lecture, discussion and group exercises 

·   Authorship of a white paper on an approved topic related to the AML-Audit 

Compliance Alert in associations with “ACAMS” provide 3 days’ Workshop 



* For the 1st time in the MENA Region ACAMS Advanced AML Audit Certification Program is being offered by Compliance Alert® & ACAMS® 

* Interact with ACAMS Faculty who will come all the way from United States to share their Knowledge & Experience. 

* Distinguish Yourself from your peers. 

* Advance your AML/CTF Audit Career as an Expert. 

* Establish yourself in the financial crime and Audit community all while ensuring you equip yourself to meet the increasing regulatory scrutiny 


* Chief Compliance Officers 

* Compliance Officers 

* Money Laundering Reporting Officers 

* AML/CTF Officers 

* Branches Compliance Officers 

* Heads of Financial Crimes 

* Investigation Officers 

* FIU Officers 

* Internal Auditors 

* External Auditors  


The CAMS-Audit curriculum prepares professionals to: 

Evaluate the effectiveness and adequacy of a BSA/AML compliance program, suspicious activity reporting and transaction monitoring systems, and KYC/CIP policies, procedures, and processes 

Address and mitigate BSA/AML risk including tracking and correcting previously identified issues and deficiencies

Identify, analyze and recommend enhancements to policies, procedures and processes in accordance with guidance and regulations 

Assess the adequacy of transaction testing in relation to risk and suspicious activity 

Understand and communicate reporting and record keeping requirements in performing independent testing 

Enhance the role of audit in regards to your institution’s compliance monitoring and AML training 

Identify communication techniques to increase the reception and collaboration of your message across different departments 


* 3 Days Live classroom with ACAMS faculty 

* Real life examples 

* Workshops 

* White Paper writing techniques

For any queries or questions, please e-mail us at: or
or call us on: Qatar: +974 6615 1040 or Lebanon Hotline: +961 3 313 592 

Praise for Advanced Certification

“CAMS-FCI is a training opportunity like no other. I wish the upcoming students similar success stories like the ones I have had utilizing the TBML case study and the fact that in 2014 we have received the same number of law enforcement requests for respective agencies for SAR supporting docs in the first 3 quarters of 2014 as we have total in the past 3 years. Law Enforcement compliments our SAR narratives and uses them as examples now in their training; our auditor just said she wished every bank wrote SAR narratives like we do… I owe a lot of the success and recent increase in law enforcement requests of our SARs to CAMS-FCI and the training we brought back to our team.” - Lauren Kohr, CAMS-FCI 

“The hardest part was having to leave after the three days.”- Donna Davidek, CAMS-Audit 

“The quality and reliability of my work as an AML auditor is of paramount importance to me. I signed up for the ACAMS Audit class to gain insight and knowledge from instructors’ experience conducting independent AML audits from the instructors. What I received was far more: the experience, insights and knowledge not only of the expert instructors but also of my classmates.” - Vicki Landon, CAMS-Audit 

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