Build The Business Case For GRC

GRC’s Value Prop Is Clear, But That Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get The Support You Deserve
Risk management may be a more frequent topic among top leadership and board membersbut they still won’t allocate precious corporate resources away from other priorities unless the business case is clear and articulated effectively.
Position GRC Value In Terms Of Efficiency, Risk Reduction, And Strategic Performance
The business benefits of GRC programs fall into three main categories:
  1. improved efficiency; 
  2. risk reduction;
  3. strategic decision-making and performance.

Critical Factors In Achieving GRC ROI Are Flexibility And Broad Participation
GRC programs can’t function without participation from across the organization and the flexibility to adapt to changing organizational and market environments. Without both of these elements, the chances are high that your program will falter and negate any expected return on your investment.