With the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) continuously expanding and licensing a record number of firms, the organisation has developed into a hub that attracts local talent within each aspect of its numerous departments.

With two new additions to the top management – Nasser Al-Taweel as Chief Legal Officer, and Raed Al-Emadi as Chief Commercial Officer – and an increase in the number of local talent across a spectrum of roles, the QFC continues to move in the right direction towards contributing to the development of Qatar's business community and creating a sustainable environment for human capital.​

Nasser Al-Taweel and Raed Al-Emadi join QFC's current high profile top management team which includes Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, Chief Executive Officer; Sheikh Salman Al-Thani, Chief Strategic and Business Development Officer; Hamed Al-Saadi, Chief Financial and Tax Officer; Fahad Zainal, Chief Administration Officer, and Yousef Fakhroo, Chief Marketing and Corporate Communications Officer.

Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida welcomed this growing trend and stated: "At the QFC, it is our firm belief that great success comes from great support. This is why we create a working environment based on international standards so that we can attract and invest in the right people – our most valuable asset – and provide them with the capabilities to become a conduit to facilitating the growth of our economy."

On the occasion of the QFC's 10th anniversary, it is clear that the organisation has truly become not only a hub for business and financial growth, but also for sustaining long-term support of local high-caliber professionals.




Established in 2005, the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is an onshore centre that provides a platform for domestic, regional and international growth. It consists of the QFC Authority, the QFC Regulatory Authority, the Civil and Commercial Court (First Instance and Appellate Divisions) and the Regulatory Tribunal.

The QFC Authority is the commercial and strategic arm of the QFC. It develops and ensures compliance with QFC regulations, administers key QFC office functions and deals with applications from non-regulated organisations.