The Lugano Madoff - Danilo Larini, is a free man (and rich)


CIVITAVECCHIA - Before talking about the latest news related to Danilo Larini , the Madoff Ticinese , are obliged to announce the first official resignation of a member of the Foundation Cariciv of Civitavecchia. It isMassimiliano Grasso that, after so many years with Cacciaglia & Co.leaves his position as press secretary and spokesman.

Behind these resignations so many dissertations in the city. Having excluded the possibility of incompatibility with his role as spokesperson and press secretary of the ' Port Authority seems more likely that the choice was dictated by the fact that having this role, the media owned by him, The Province and Civonline (the television Maecenas  has assigned to the same) Foundation has never been able to write or to write anything, censoring any news that negatively concerned the Foundation or its unwatchable managers, as a sort of gentlemen's agreement  (for a fee).

With his resignation, now, maybe some more news you can read it (maybe).

But let's get back on Danilo Larini , renamed the Madoff Ticino .

In 2015 , against the downsizing of the Ticino financial center, investigations of economic crimes increased by 25% . "The alarm is justified," said Attorney General John Noseda .

At the center of the investigation there are simple cases, but also sensational and clamorosissimi. Involving mysterious foreign characters and our own white-collar workers. Just as the trustee Danilo Lariniarrested last November and that, according to the latest figures, he has left behind a hole of 70 million francs, of which 25 provided the foundation of Civitavecchia Savings Bank .

In recent weeks, little or nothing has been written and said of an affair to say the least embarrassing for those who continue to sit comfortably on the chairs of the board of a now banked Foundation.

No way in Civitavecchia but in Switzerland and in national newspapers yes. The "" of Marcote phenomenon has been freed, and we are waiting for a date fixed us for an exclusive interview. 

Meanwhile, the insurance company called into question by the Foundation, seems to have proved not to have anything to all those people affected by the embezzlement of the Italian-Swiss broker.

The Company is serene: all the checks and "due diligence" were made and documented.

He, Danilo Larini, 43, imbrillantinato hair and high-class clothes, for some time no longer stays in prison Lugano The Farera .

It remains, however person to be investigated, although at large. On him investigates the public prosecutor in Lugano Andrea Minesso , the same one that dug the financial vicissitudes of Davide Enderlin , "Swiss" arm of John Berneschi former father and master of Carige , on trial in Genoa.

Larini is accused of having masterminded, organized and staged a series of left-handed shots against natural and legal persons, mostly Italian, according to a structure " poor " in staff but very rich in terms of creativity and privileged contacts.

Among cheated stands the F ondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Civitavecchia , with a shortfall of cash estimated at 19 million Euros (but could be 25) while popping a growing number of private individuals convinced by Larini to invest their money in policies certified insurance companies (all based in Vaduz in Liechtenstein , in the case of the foundation, the Nucleus Ag ) by himself represented as broker.

Swiss prosecutors suspect that in the later stages to sign policies, Larinidid hoarding the money raised to do whatever he wanted, organizing a kind of Ponzi scheme the danger of which was directly proportional to the level and reputation of the insurance companies call into question such as " guarantors "of operations.

There is in particular an operational scheme followed by Larini that appears interesting to analyze in its dynamic articulated.

It is a case involving an investor who paid sums of Rome for more than four million Euros in some policies of life Valorlife (headquartered in Vaduz and Dublin).

The company so far has been called off, letting it be known to have carried out all the checks and due diligence necessary to believe and "central" in the development of the story the direct relationship entertained by the investor with Larini , not excluding to be able to be a civil party against the same broker Lugano.

Not so minded lawyers of the injured, the well-known Swiss lawyer Paolo Bernasconi (the same who Cacciaglia and D'Amico have entrusted the fate of the Foundation with thrilling plots) and Milan Fabrizio Brock who reconstructed the incident in a memory It aims to give notice to the company the money back.

For legal, in 2012, the investor was persuaded to sign a policy calledVipvalore very private, a contract defined in the forms in " free payments".

The process, in normal appearance, he studied with the regular production of the questionnaire Mifid , which described both the nature of the transaction, whether the investor's risk appetite.

The whole procedure was followed by an official Valorlife (no more company staff): "Suitable as a business card as coordinator Commercial Division , who then signed with the F word unzionario authorized Valorlife ."

In the documents it gave account that the "management package " was entrusted to the Lp Suisse Ag capital asset management , this company due to Danilo Larini and custodian (the Société Générale Private Banking in Lugano ).

All right then.

No, because four years after Larini was arrested and subsequently the person concerned received an alarming letter from Valorlife which said: "the custodian bank is obliged to stop any operation on the report referred to the policy (...) for now zeroing prudently (or precautionary) the value of the same . " Including the value of the only asset held in portfolio by the policy: bonds of a mysterious company named Cerberus of which was even specified Isin code . A code but was revealed to belong to companies involved in a different kind of business ( cocoa ).

Meanwhile, continue and inexplicably, the imaginative reconstructions lawyer D'Amico on the matter. Recently interviewed by a Swiss television, he told that they were not concerned about the arrest of Larini because, from sources close to them, they thought that the reasons were attributed to tax offenses.

Unfortunately, if they did do a good job at their press secretary and spokesman Massimiliano Grasso, as well as the substantial preparation of Maecenas TV, would read this article ( read ) and maybe would move well in advance to recover more than they could to do until now.