Davos Diary – Friday

Perhaps one of the best parts about being involved in the Thomson Reuters operation here in the heart of Davos at the local library-turned TV studio and news bureau is having the chance to witness great television news being made, practically round the clock. Every morning during the week of the World Economic Forum annual meeting at 7:30 a.m. CET on the dot, Reuters-run and produced Davos Today promptly begins as watchers online and on TV wake up with the headlines out of Davos and beyond. What’s been so incredible to witness while here in Davos is the collaboration, professionalism and intensity with which the crew works to make it all happen. Not to mention how genuine, patient and calm and focused the people running the show are. Nothing seems to phase or disturb what they’re doing, which is making live TV happen.For someone not involved in TV, it’s really quite a feat to watch as everything works in concert perfectly, making the highly complex appear effortless. Bookers, producers, camera operators, journalists, technical operators, graphics designers, floor managers, guest handlers and more all have to execute so precisely to fit all the right pieces of the puzzle together. It’s partnership and collaboration at its finest. I had the great pleasure of getting to see a lot of this behind-the-scenes work take place while here in Davos and we decided put together a short film documenting what goes on to make the magic happen. Have a watch and go back and watch the previous episodes of Davos Today here.

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